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With our sharing style menu we focus on the simplicity of Argentine cooking, slow-roasting the finest meats atop the glowing red coals of Melbourne’s first Asado fire pit and combining it with our classic Parrilla (charcoal grill) to give the cuts that iconic Argentinian flavour.

Palermo fuses the traditional Parrilla charcoal grill, a staple in many Argentinean homes, with our prized redbrick circular Asado fire pit. Only partly contained like a bush campfire, the pit makes for a spectacular yet intimate setting, with splayed whole beasts hovering above the searing flames via a circular steel frame, specially hand crafted for maximum slow roasting effect.

Palermo sources only the highest quality, locally raised, pasture-fed Hereford and Angus beef. The majority of our beef comes from O’Connor’s Premium, the very best beef from Gippsland, if not the world.

We also offer a wide variety of vegetarian dishes and strive to cater for all dietary requirements. All the sumptuous side dishes, fried potatoes with tomato & mascarpone sauce, pine nuts, black olives and burnt carrots with eggplant purée and brown butter, are carefully prepared to complement the seasons and the meats. So carnivores don’t be scared of complimenting your steak with some carrots. You wont regret it.

Naturally, a meal at Palermo wouldn’t be complete without tasting Argentina’s famed national dessert, dulce de leche, which you’ll find in our popular flan and alfajores (biscuits).

We recommend you combine dishes from all sections of our menu to create an intimate setting just like an Argentine BBQ. We can’t wait to share our love of the Asado and Parrilla grill with you and recreate memories reminiscent of Palermo.